16th May 2020

Liberland Design Competition 2020 was launched at the Liberland Architecture Conference on May 16 2020. The competition is open to all Architects, Urbanists, Interior Designers, Architecture and Design Students. Team and individual entries are welcome, only one entry fee per team.

& Questions

Until 13th January 2021

To qualify for entry, your registration form must include all requested details. Incomplete registration forms will be automatically disqualified. Provide only ONE email address at registration, which will serve as our primary contact for your team.


13th May 2021

All submissions will be electronic, and must meet the digital specifications of 7200×4800 pixels/dpi per digital poster, in JPEG format. FIVE digital posters are required per submission, whether the design team is comprised of one or several designers. You have the option of submitting SUPPLEMENTAL video(s), however this cannot replace your Jpeg posters. Submissions will be accepted via Google Drive; you will receive a link to the submission folder after you register.


13th June 2021

Winners will be announced to your contact person’s email that you provide at registration, as well as on this website.